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Nature and the natural world inspire my artistic work.  I like to produce artwork reflective of the landscapes and plants that I see. Sometimes the influence of humans on nature or a particular landscape brings an additional element to my work.

I was a biologist and patent attorney before becoming an artist and printmaker, and my interest for all things biological has never waned.  After completing the Society of Botanical Artists’ diploma course, my love of floral and botanical painting was firmly established. Much of the diploma course focussed on watercolour and pencil techniques. Although I still use both of these mediums, I have found painting in acrylics to be liberating. I now use acrylics in both my botanical artwork as well as my landscapes.

Printmaking provides a finished work which is just not achievable by painting and the Foundation course at the Red Hot Press in Southampton was a great way to experiment with many printing techniques.  Relief printing, particularly lino printing, is a wonderful versatile medium. Many of my prints are reduction linocuts.  My work also includes monoprints or monotypes, card cuts and collagraphs.

In some instances, I find mixing painting and printmaking can achieve interesting results.

Aylsa Williams - printmaker
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